Managed Accounts

Center Coast offers three SMA strategies that seek to invest primarily in publicly-traded midstream energy Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and other high-quality energy related companies. 

  • Core Strategy
    This strategy focuses on providing investors a high-level of risk-adjusted total return through a balanced combination of current income and growth.

  • Growth Strategy
    This strategy is designed to provide investors with total return from capital appreciation through the ownership of high-growth MLPs, potentially resulting in larger weightings in general partners and small-cap partnerships.

  • Buy & Hold Strategy
    This strategy focuses on efficiency through limited portfolio turnover and concentrated ownership of 10-12 equal-weight, high-conviction midstream C-Corps and MLPs.


Our Managed Accounts are available in multiple investment vehicles.

  • Institutional Separately Managed Accounts

  • Individual Separately Managed Accounts

  • WRAP Accounts - For clients who prefer accessing the Center Coast MLP SMA via a platform rather than directly, wrap accounts provide an easily managed account alongside the option of a full-service brokerage professional.  Some of the platforms we are available include:

    • Charles Schwab, Envestnet, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS.

    • Please contact us if your preferred platform is not listed. 

  • Unified Managed Accounts